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Mobile applications

Digital Virgo develops software for mobile devices for many years. Together with the development of the functionality of mobile devices, our product offer has changed and expanded. Digital Virgo develops and implements mobile applications for tablets and phones, customised to the requirements of our Clients.

Our portfolio includes the following types of applications: information, image, education, sales/promotion, festival, entertainment, games.

Mobile applications feature a range of functionalities:
  1. Presentation of the product/service in the form of a catalogue
  2. Order / purchase
  3. Integration with social media:
  4. Triggering communication beyond the application:
    • click2voice: calling a phone number (e.g. helpline)
    • click2e-mail: sending email
    • click2SMS: sending SMS (e.g. to sign-up for a competition, request for contact)
  5. Competitions
    • entering a code/password/bill number
    • QR scanning from the package
    • filling in a quiz/questionnaire
    • enclosing a photo.
  6. Remote content management (CMS) 
  7. Location via GPS or map
  8. Scanner or generator of QR codes
  9. Augmented reality  – presenting virtual objects or other contents having scanned the markers (defined objects) according to the specific logic of the application.
Reporting users’ activity
Every application is developed with the use of mechanisms, which guarantee the reporting of the users’ behaviour, in particular as regards key functions such as notification, purchase, recorded results, etc. and also the functions used most frequently, time devoted, etc. Google Analytics is the most often used solution.
Monitoring the activity of the users helps optimise the application in its subsequent editions and therefore to achieve the assumed targets more effectively.

Mobile games

Dynamic development of games, phones and the users allows for using the games in marketing.
At the request of Clients, Digital Virgo S.A. produces dedicated or branded mobile games, which are complementary to or the main element of promotional campaigns.
Games may be developed based on a scenario delivered by the Partner or according to the concept and scenario of Digital Virgo S.A.
Games can be used as a marketing tool:
  • to brand games produced by Digital Virgo S.A. (advergames)
  • to prepare simple games on the engine of popular games
  • to place static advertisements in games (product placement)
  • to place dynamic advertisements in games  (in-game advertising)
  • to undertake marketing actions in groups of players (game event marketing)
  • to use the game mechanism (rivalry, linking to Facebook, prizes for the best, ranking of players, elements of recommendations).


Thanks to our experience, Digital Virgo can support Partners and understands the specificity of various devices and system versions to ensure that applications produced by us are most user-friendly in respective platforms.

We develop and implement mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

Promotion of applications

Our Partners may expect not only that a mobile application shall be designed and produced but also that they shall be provided with advice as regards its promotion or a promotional campaign of the application.
Digital Virgo specialists shall ensure that the application is promoted and help build its coverage according to the plan. For this purpose own advertising channels will be used and global networks (e.g. Google Ads).
In the promotional campaigns we apply various settlement models, in particular CPC and CPA/CPI models.

Communication with app users

Another aspect of an own application is the ability to manage the relations with Users. Digital Virgo delivers a solution with which the Partner shall maintain constant communication with the Users of the mobile application. Communication with the app users builds a new quality in managing relations with the consumers. It provides a new channel allowing for high response levels and effectiveness measurement. Also, it may be used to remind the User about the application and encourage him/her to use it and for cross-promotion of other products.

Application transactions

Digital Virgo also specialises in delivering solutions to perform transactions in mobile applications. We have direct connections with mobile operators in Poland and many other countries, which allow us to render SMS Premium and Direct Billing (mobile billing) services of top quality and also to offer new solutions to the Partners.
Digital Virgo also cooperates with businesses specialising in payments via debit cards (e.g. SkyCash). We can also offer a complete solution to handle various types of transactions.