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T-Mobile New Horizons

Project: Mobile application for T-Mobile New Horizons film festival
Duration: 18.07 – 28.07.2013
Purpose: Festival guide
Applied solution: Mobile application for Android and iOS 
The application delivers a mobile festival guide for T-Mobile New Horizons festival. The programme provides descriptions of all presented products, technical data, information about the cast and awards, if any. For certain films trailers were enclosed. The most important function of the application is to book tickets, having first signed-in. Most likely this is the only festival application in Europe, which brings such functionality. The solution was feasible owing to close cooperation with the New Horizons Association.
Tasks performed by Digital Virgo:
  • To prepare a project of the application layout.
  • To prepare flows between screens.
  • To deliver software for Android and iOS platforms.
  • To ensure integration with the New Horizones system.
  • To provide a dedicated SMS number for voting.